horse and pony bedding

High Quality, Dust Free, Low Cost, Animal, Horse & Pony Bedding

What We Do
We process raw materials in the form of newspapers collected from the local community. All papers are shredded and put through a conditioning process which includes dust extraction. The finished product is then baled and bagged in polythene bags then palletised ready for shipment.

High quality, dust free, low cost animal / horse bedding which is not only completely bio-degradable but helps improve the environment.

Health Benefits
An estimated 60% of British horses and ponies suffer from undetected respiratory diseases according to research. The most common cause of respiritory disease is an allergic reaction to the dust and mould spores found in hay and conventional horse bedding.

Target Audience
Equestrian Centres, Racing Stables, Dog Kennels, Veterinary Practices, Bird Breeders, Poultry, Farms and Livestock Centres.

Throughout South West Scotland. Dumfries and Galloway. Lanarkshire, Glasgow, and Cockermouth, Cumbria. Call for other delivery options.

Why Use This Bedding Material?
Cost Effective - Completely bio-degradable - Dust Free - Superior absorbency
Environmentally friendly - Complete recycling - Easily handled.

Suitable For...
Equestrian, Race courses, Private owners, Dog kennels and breeders, Veterinary practices, Bird breeders, Lambing Pens and rearing establishments. Please note that this product is not suitable for mouth-pouched pets (Hamsters etc.)

Paper is processed by a full air flow breaker, dust extractor system. This system removes any dust. Baled under air pressure giving a soft clean bed..