Use Caution For Hoagie Fundraisers

The 50-50 raffle fundraiser. It’s now not the maximum glamorous fundraiser. Or even the maximum productive fundraiser for the quantity of Pheasant Forever Banquets money it raises. But when used effectively, the 50-50 raffle may be a regular ongoing source of fundraising sales for nearly any size or sort of nonprofit institution.

The 50-50 raffle might not win you any prizes (no pun meant) as a fundraiser. But on the other hand, it will not do any harm you both. The 50-50 raffle fundraiser has loads going for it and almost no downside:

Easy Fundraiser
– Is your nonprofit institution seeking out an clean fundraiser? The 50-50 raffle is it. No want to explain it. Everyone is aware of about it.
(Return on Investment) – For the time, money, and manpower invested you won’t discover a higher return.
Start Now
– After you clean your initial hurtles together with your nation regulatory company, a 50-50 raffle fundraiser is simple to get going.
No Interference
– The 50-50 raffle may not intervene with your different fundraisers.
Everyone’s a Donor
– We’re talking pocket trade right here parents. A dollar or per man or woman adds up quickly.
No Burnout
– This is a low impact fundraiser. So low that everybody who contributes might not even think of it as a fundraiser.
Repeat as Needed
– Repeat this fundraiser time and time again with fulfillment.
Add One
– A 50-50 raffle fundraiser is a super add-on to an existing event.
How the 50-50 Raffle Fundraiser Works
A raffle involves many people buying tickets for a danger to win a prize or prizes. In the case of a 50-50 fundraising raffle the prize is 50% of the money taken in by way of the raffle ticket income. The different 50% is retained by means of the nonprofit organization keeping the raffle. Hence the call, 50-50 raffle fundraiser.

A character can buy one or greater tickets, and every ticket bought equals one entry in the drawing for a winner. A sure variety of tickets are offered or a exact time passes and a unmarried ticket is randomly selected.

You sell as many tickets to all of us as feasible, for a fixed fee. Typical ticket fees are $1, $5, or $10 relying on the makeup of your institution. The most commonplace charge is one ticket for $1.

So right here it’s miles in a nutshell: Sell the raffle tickets and acquire the money. Add up the amount you have got gathered and divide it in half. One half goes to the winner and the opposite half in your employer. Draw the ticket. Award the winner their 50%.

Typically participants have to be gift at the time of the drawing to win. Allow a hard and fast time limit, which may be as quick as a minute or , for the winner to say their prize. If no one claims the prize inside the time restriction, simply draw every other variety till any individual wins.

Your most effective price for this fundraiser is the raffle tickets. You might also find it handy to your raffle ticket sellers to buy wood worker fashion aprons that tie across the waist. The aprons have two wallet. One for money and the alternative for the sold price tag stubs. A large clean plastic jar (gallon length or larger) to place tickets into for the drawing is nice too. It lets everyone see that the entirety is on the up and up with the price tag drawing.

Sell More 50-50 Raffle Tickets

Obviously the extra tickets which can be bought, the extra cash the seller and the winner will make. Since it’s all earnings besides (aside from the small price of purchasing the tickets), every 50-50 raffle price ticket is usually cheap to shop for. I would not advocate charging any less than a greenback in line with price ticket. Making alternate is difficult sufficient without including cash to the combination.

No remember how a great deal you price in line with raffle price ticket, provide incentives for a couple of purchases. If you charge one greenback for one raffle price ticket, offer three for two greenbacks, and 7 for five greenbacks. Or an arm duration for $20. Always try to up sell your client.

Don’t overlook to invite every person. Just because a person hasn’t offered of venture ticket earlier than would not mean they might not buy one now. Some people just have not been requested. Others won’t have had the cash available the primary time.

Make certain your customers know what they are able to in all likelihood win when they buy their fundraising raffle tickets. Tell folks how a whole lot the remaining raffle winner won.

Who Should Hold a 50-50 Fundraising Raffle?

All nonprofit agencies and charities, big and small, must consider protecting a 50-50 raffle fundraiser.

Although normally this form of raffle is used as a fundraiser for smaller nonprofit businesses like booster golf equipment, sports teams, and social golf equipment, many other companies can and ought to recall the 50-50 raffle:

Golf Tournaments
Fire Departments
and many others!
While many large nonprofits possibly bear in mind themselves above this form of fundraising, it can make a brilliant add-directly to an current event.

50-50 Raffle Ticket Sources

50-50 raffle fundraising tickets are the fashion of tickets that have sections that both percentage a unique serial quantity. They come on a consecutively numbered double price tag roll. The vendor maintains one 1/2 and the consumer gets the alternative half. Tickets may be sold speedy due to the fact there isn’t any call, cope with, or phone variety to fill out.

They are normally to be had at neighborhood party deliver shops and big box office deliver shops for underneath $10 for a roll of 2,000 tickets.